Geoff pretends to be outraged that Yasmeen doesn’t trust him and that she believes Sonia instead. He tells her he forgives her for accusing him and suggests they get treated and just move on. She feels too sick to even eat. Gary tells Maria that he’s helping Laura and Kelly as Rick has left them in the lurch, and he knows how that feels. Maria thinks he’s inviting trouble. Daniel has returned with Bertie from his grief retreat in Scotland with Beth remaining in the cottage there and Kirk joining her. He feels better but knows it’s just one stage in rebuilding his life. Whilst in the corner shop, Geoff looks at the feed from his hidden security camera and sees Yasmeen putting clothes in a holdall and locking it in the unit cupboard under the stairs. Dev assures a questioning Asha that he doesn’t hate her and he’s proud of her. She agrees to return to school when Dev offers to drop the complaint he’s made with the head. Geoff returns home, putting on a jovial front, and contrives a reason to get Yasmeen to open the cupboard. She pretends to have lost the key, but he menaces her to find it quickly. Summer finds Kelly in the cafe, upset because her mother has suddenly left home and abandoned her. Geoff grabs the key out of Yasmeen’s pocket and orders her to unlock the cupboard and open the holdall. Summer gets Billy to agree that Kelly can move in with them. He imposes a condition that she apologises to Asha properly. Geoff takes the clothes into the back garden and starts a bonfire with them. Gary sees Billy giving Kelly a key to the flat. Ken tells Tracy he’s no longer selling the house, he’ll pay for a new boiler but he wants his bedroom back. Sally complains about Geoff’s bonfire smell and sees Yasmeen staring forlornly at the conflagration. Kelly calls at No.7 to see Asha but Dev refuses to let her see her, telling her that his daughter is worth ten of her and the police are now involved. Sally tells Sean about the strange bonfire. Billy confirms to Gary that Kelly is now living with him. Geoff tells Yasmeen to leave the house if she wants to, and bullies her unmercifully when she says she doesn’t want to. He forces her to get on her knees for his forgiveness, telling her he’d rather see her dead than with someone else.


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