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Corey joins Asha and Amy at the cafe and denies sharing the dirty video with anyone. Johnny only exchanges pleasantries with Scott, telling him that he'll be abroad for his entire four-week stay. Ken tells Claudia that Stillwaters will never be his home. With Claudia having the opposite view, they realise their relationship has run its course. Corey remembers that Kelly was nearby when he put his phone down at the party. Amy charges outside to confront her. Kelly admits what she did and turns nasty. Amy empties a bag of rubbish over the girl's head. Having heard the teens in the cafe, Gary intervenes and takes Kelly to one side before things get ugly. Carla practices her pint-pulling technique at the Rovers, with dismal results. Geoff hears about Tim's financial woes and offers to pay for the whole wedding, without clearing it with Yasmeen. The Barlows frame a photo of Eccles for Ken. All the local teens have seen Asha's video. David sees it on Max's phone. Ken packs his bags and leaves Stillwaters after saying goodbye to Claudia. Claudia puts on a brave face as he walks out of her life. David bites the bullet and tells Dev about the viral video. The Metcalfes invite Kevin and Abi to be their witnesses and Abi to be Sally's bridesmaid. They accept and Kevin jumps the gun by agreeing to be best man before Tim has asked. Johnny squirms as he watches Liz get to know Scott. An apoplectic Dev asks Asha how she could be so stupid. Her excuse that she only stripped for Corey doesn't wash with him. He tells her that he's disgusted and ashamed of her and Sunita would be too. Ken moves back into No.1. Tim admits to Sally that he's already asked Geoff to be his best man. The Connors set off for France. Scott checks that Johnny isn't leaving on his account and assures him that there are no hard feelings. Tracy doesn't want Ken back as she's only just getting rid of Peter. Reminding her that he still owns the house, Ken takes the front room. Dev takes a softer approach with Asha. His heart breaks for her when she says she did it as she wanted Corey to like her.


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Steve McDonald: "For a bloke who keeps finding out he's got more and more kids, I'm not getting any better at it, am I?"

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