Asha apologises to Kelly for not backing her up in her row with Amy. Kelly starts to feel guilty. Aadi is sick in the yard. Aggie calls in and demands the party ends immediately. Pastal-Blue makes insinuations to Asha about her and Corey but she is at a loss as to understand what she’s getting at. Leanne denies speaking to Imran about access to Oliver as she and Steve start to row in Speed Daal. Asha can’t understand why the partygoers are giving her funny looks. Dev storms into No.1, collects the twins and drags them home. Having been alerted by Rita, Eileen comes into the Rovers to see Scott for herself but assures Liz she’s giving her a clear run as they meet in the public. Jenny greets Scott but Johnny still hasn't put in an appearance. Having been trounced by Charles in the fencing match, Ken discovers he used to be a national champion. Norris reveals that he set Ken up as a diversion to enable him search through Charles's sports bag and he has found the Stillwaters’ rule book in it. Finding a broken pot in her back yard, Aggie rings the police. Leanne accuses Steve of unsettling Oliver and won’t let him stay the night with his dad. Asha looks in horror at the messages on her phone. Tracy and Steve return home to find the police arriving to deal with a mass of drunken teenagers. Tracy erupts in anger at Amy, and with Aggie for calling the police. Amy also sees the messages which are all texts about Asha stripping. Devastated, the girl in question breaks down in her bedroom. Masking his concern about Scott, Johnny suggests he and Jenny go and visit Eva in France. Johnny claims illness to avoid being in the bar. Reading the rule book, Ken finds that Charles has been ripping off the residents. Evelyn is impressed when Arthur tells her he once protested against Manchester Airport’s second runway. Amy is made to clean the house. Tracy discovers the broken lamp and Steve finds that his signed picture of Tommy Orpington has been stolen. Leanne relents and takes Oliver to No.1, only to find Steve, Tracy and Amy in full argument on the street about the party. She changes her mind and she and Steve end up in another row. Toyah gets the sales job at Underworld. Jenny agrees that Johnny can go to France alone. Amy contacts Asha who can’t understand why Corey betrayed her. She tells her she doesn’t want to see anyone ever again.


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Peter Barlow: "Don't worry about her. She's only jealous. You know, Tracy's idea of a teenage party was pressing 'play' on her tape recorder."

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