Cathy is unhappy having timewasting Bernie and lovestruck Asha as her assistants in the shop. Asha is distracted when Corey turns up outside to speak to her. Steve worries about Leanne’s threats and that she might already have consulted Imran on the matter. Jenny gets ready for another B&B customer who might be a long-let. Evelyn makes plans to meet up with Arthur later, hiding her recent arrest from him. Amy gets ready for the pizza night but Tracy warns her not to let things get out of hand. Asha overhears Kelly talking to Aadi on her phone and wonders what it’s about. Kelly then stirs things up again about Amy fancying Corey. Imran gives Steve the card of a colleague he could consult if he needs to. Scott Emberton, the new B&B guest turns up and is greeted by Sean as Jenny and Johnny are out. Both Liz and Sean are instantly attracted to him. Steve and Nick agree that for Oliver’s sake they should all act like grown-ups. Nick accepts an invitation for him and Leanne to join Steve and Tracy in Speed Daal. Helping out in the corner shop, Aadi eyes up the spirits shelf. Stirred up by Norris, Ken literally flings down the gauntlet to take on Charles in a fencing contest. Asha admits to Amy and Summer that she stripped down for Corey on videochat. Kelly turns up at the pizza night, closely followed by more alcohol-bearing teens who she’s informed on social media about the event. Tracy isn’t too pleased when Leanne, Nick and Oliver arrive at Speed Daal. Simon refuses to help a panicking Amy out. Corey arrives at the party. Pastal-Blue Ollerenshaw also arrives with yet more uninvited guests, having created a party group chat for more attendees but pinning the blame on Kelly. Evelyn passes on the news to Toyah that Underworld are recruiting. Rita is insulted when Scott thinks she’s Liz’s mother. Imran lets slip in front of Arthur that Evelyn was recently arrested. Johnny’s face drains when he arrives home and, recognising Scott, hides out of his way. At the party, Aadi gets drunk. Kelly spots Corey viewing the video of Asha and watches carefully as he puts his phone down unattended. Next door, Ed and Aggie try to enjoy a meal to celebrate the anniversary of their meeting but are disturbed by the noise. Tracy isn’t pleased when Steve pays the bill and Leanne is even less happy when she sees the solicitor’s card that’s fallen out of his wallet. Amy blames Kelly for a broken lamp and a row breaks out when Asha refuses to back up Kelly. In revenge, and having airdropped the video, Kelly passes it on to all the teens in the room.


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