An upset Gemma talks through her feelings with a sympathetic Dr Gaddas. She asks her if she’s ever been tempted to harm herself or the babies. Chesney’s shocked when Gemma admits that she has in order to end her pain. The doctor tells her she’s suffering from post-natal depression and coming back today and being honest with her is the first step to recovery. Steve bursts into the medical centre with Oliver and Liz interrupts Gemma’s consultation to get help. Imran is angry with Toyah, saying that flouting the law could jeopardise all their plans. Kelly encourages Asha to get back with Corey. Amy disagrees and Kelly stirs things up by accusing her of being jealous. Dr Gaddas thinks Oliver is fine and has had a febrile convulsion, but Steve should still have him checked at A&E. Gemma has been given anti-depressants and details of a self-help group. Nervous of being left on her own, Paul sits with her while Chesney goes to work. Amy reveals to Tracy that she’s fallen out with Asha. Her mother suggests she invites them round for a pizza and movie night. Gemma overhears Chesney telling Paul about his shock when he heard her confess that she wanted to harm the babies. Ken and Claudia prepare a drinks party for the Stillwaters’ residents to begin a charm offensive. Charles sees what they're up to. A panicky Leanne arrives with Nick at the hospital. Amy invites Corey to join their evening. Having seen the exchange, Kelly tells Asha that it’s obvious that Amy fancies him. Imran and Toyah make up. No one turns up for Ken and Claudia’s party. Returning home with Oliver, Leanne finds out that the child was alone with Summer when he had his fit. Furious with Steve, Leanne accuses him of putting his son last on his list of priorities. Ken finds Charles has organised an alternative party for the residents. Ken announces his candidacy to them all but it falls on stony ground. Gemma packs a bag to leave, saying it’s best that she goes. Chesney refuses to let her depart. On a video chat, Corey assures Asha that he finds her beautiful. He asks her to show him her body and she starts to undress in front of the camera. Gemma is surprised when Bernie arrives and reveals to her that she’s taking over Chesney’s shifts at the kebab shop, while still handing her wages over to them, all in return for a place to stay. Gemma’s delighted at the support. Steve calls at Leanne’s flat to speak to her. She’s unforgiving and tells him that if he lets his son down again, he’ll be arranging future visits through her solicitor.


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