Emma dog-sits Eccles and Rover for the day. Yasmeen secretly meets with two police officers in the community centre to learn about Geoff's history of abuse. Yasmeen is told that Jocelyn Walkey complained that Geoff was harassing her, prior to the incident at the pub. She can't bring herself to admit that she's scared of Geoff. They offer to take her to a woman's refuge. Yasmeen thinks it's unnecessary as Geoff isn't violent but agrees to consider it. Gary is shocked to see Kelly Neelan with Asha and Summer in the cafe wearing a Weatherfield High uniform. Asha tells Kelly that she used to go out with Corey Brent. Eccles seems sluggish when Emma walks the dogs. At Dev's suggestion, she takes Eccles to the vet, leaving Rover with him. Geoff confesses to Yasmeen that the e-mails were from an escort; he thought it was a dating site and cut all contact as soon as he realised his mistake. The vet finds a tumour on Eccles's spleen. Emma gives him permission to operate and leaves frantic voicemail messages for Ken, who's away on a day trip. Gemma imagines herself pushing the pram in front of the bus as it pulls up in Rosamund Street. From the kebab shop, Chesney watches her board the bus and then disembarking without the quads moments later. He and Paul manage to stop the bus in Victoria Street and rescue the quads. Geoff makes out that he's lost his keys before going out so that Yasmeen can't leave the house. Gary rings Oakhill and confirms that Kelly is no longer a pupil there but they don't tell him why as he isn't family. Eccles's tumour spreads to her other orgrans and can't be removed. Emma is advised to have her put to sleep. Ryan lets Yasmeen know that he's there if she needs him. Yasmeen hides a packed suitcase inside a locked cupboard in the kitchen. Gemma tells Chesney that she left her purse at the bus stop and got off to retrieve it but he doesn't buy her explanation as she remained perfectly calm when the bus drove off. Concerned about her state of mind, he gives Bernie a call. Ken receives Emma's message and arrives at the vets with Steve, Tracy and Amy. They're devastated to learn that Eccles has already been put down.


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  • This episode, transmitted at 7.30pm, was the only episode shown on this date due to the 2019-20 coronavirus pandemic. This led to a temporary cessation of the programme's production which began on 23rd March, and a scaling back on the transmission of previously recorded episodes from six to three a week which began from 30th March onwards.
  • This episode was produced with the intention of it being transmitted on Thursday 2nd April.
  • Chesney mentions the time he left Hope Stape and Ruby Dobbs on a bus, which occurred in Episode 9236 (23rd August 2017).
  • TV Times synopsis: Gemma boards the bus with the quads, but is suddenly overcome by a wave of anxiety and hurries off the vehicle, leaving her babies behind.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 7,883,394 viewers (2nd place).
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