Geoff goes from bullying to pleading as he tries to keep Yasmeen in the house. Yasmeen leaves with her suitcase and goes to the builder's yard flat where she tells Alya that she was right. Alya pays for her ticket to Spain when Yasmeen says she doesn't have her cards with her, reluctant to admit that Geoff is in control of her spending. Geoff bombards Yasmeen with text messages, threatening to kill himself if she doesn't come back to him. Bernie leaves No.5 and tells Chesney to keep an eye on Gemma. David asks Gail to mind the kids but doesn't say where he's going. Yasmeen reads the texts and prepares to rush back to Geoff's side. Alya is annoyed that she can't see she's being played. Yasmeen maintains that Geoff truly loves her and goes to check on him before they catch their plane. She and Alya find no sign of Geoff at home but Alya discovers a smashed photo frame on the table with blood on it. As they argue about Geoff, the man in question sits in a pub watching the live feed from the hidden camera. A nervous Michael has an interview to join the sales team at the factory, chatting to Alina about Tianna while he waits. Yasmeen refuses to leave the country without knowing if Geoff is okay. Alya knows that there's nothing wrong with Geoff and he'll turn up safe and sound once it's too late for Yasmeen to catch her flight. With Yasmeen insistent on staying, Alya heads off to Spain without her. Emma tells Seb they should keep their distance from each other. Ryan promises to watch Yasmeen for Alya as she sets off for the airport. Geoff arrives home, having supposedly just seen Yasmeen's messages. Yasmeen hugs him lovingly. Geoff sports a bandaged thumb as he claims he nicked his finger on the photo frame. Michael encourages Alina to salvage her friendship with Seb. Chesney asks Gemma what Bernie meant. Gemma says she was just trying to make him think she's still needed so that she can carry on living with them rent-free. Yasmeen tells Geoff that she needs space and will sleep in the spare room. Once the coast is clear, Yasmeen calls the police and asks them how she should go about accessing information under Clare's law.


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