David manages to push off his attackers and make a run for it, but they give chase. Amy has to give in to Steve when he wants to spend some quality time with her. The muggers corner David in Victoria Street but by a ruse he hides up the fire escape of the Redbank building without being seen. He’s elated with the thrill of the chase. Alya seeks out a way to prove that Geoff is lying about his illness. A chance remark from Ryan makes her think of the Spanish hotel that he claimed he booked for Zeedan’s wedding. Geoff thanks Yasmeen for her understanding now that she can’t go to her grandson’s wedding. Ken asks for a copy of the Stillwaters’ resident’s rulebook but Charles claims that a new one is being printed. Not believing a word, Ken suggests that it’s time for re-election of the Resident’s Chair since the last was held seven years ago. Cathy and Alex make their call on Gemma. Bernie covers for her daughter, saying she’s fine, but she has to put up with Cathy’s insults that she’s not pulling her weight. Emma tells Seb to move out, but he refuses. Alya pushes her way into No.6 when Yasmeen is at the shops and presents Geoff with evidence that he never made any booking at the hotel. She accuses him of faking his illness and tells him that she’s contacted the police using Clare’s Law. He loses his temper and threatens her as Yasmeen walks in. Horrified, she orders him away from her granddaughter. Alya tells her to check his emails to prove she’s right about the hotel. Yasmeen tells her to leave the house. Bernie and Cathy start to bicker. Gemma is pleased with Cathy’s efforts but insists she’s doing fine and doesn’t need help. David arrives home to a worried Gail and Nick. Still on a high, he tells them that everything is fine now. Geoff erupts in anger when Yasmeen questions him, saying she’s exacerbating his illness with anxiety. He threatens to walk out of their marriage unless she trusts him. Emma arrives at No.1 with her bags. Steve is happy for her to live with them. Alya refuses to fly out to the wedding and leave her gran in Geoff’s clutches but Ryan promises to watch over her. Geoff exchanges emails with Rachel, the escort. He goes to have a bath and Yasmeen tries to guess his password on his laptop.


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