Alya asks Geoff which hotel he’s booked himself and Yasmeen into for the wedding but he’s evasive. He puts on a front to Yasmeen that he’s worried that his presence will cause troubles at the event. He gets her to agree that that don’t have to go if she doesn’t want to. Gail can’t get through to David about what he’s going to do about Shona. Imran advises him they have to be married for a year before they can divorce. After spending the night with a mate, Seb returns to the flat and apologises to Emma, saying she’s the only woman he’s interested in. She tells him she’s giving him no further chances. Gemma gets a text to said that Aled’s hearing aids have arrived. Yasmeen arbitrates between Geoff and Alya when they bicker over suppliers. Ken finds Stillwaters’ normal cleaner fixing the dog stain and finds out that no professional carpet cleaner has been called in, despite Charles billing him for one. Geoff takes a turn and Yasmeen rings an ambulance saying he’s having a heart attack. When the paramedics arrive, they find nothing wrong and advise he has a check-up, but he refuses. Alya and Ryan are suspicious. Norris isn’t surprised to find that Ken has been “fined” £200 and they wonder what Charles is doing with the money. With Tim’s unsuspecting contrivance, Yasmeen insists that the wedding trip is off. Geoff is quietly satisfied. With Chesney unhappy about Bernie being around, Cathy and Alex agree to check up on Gemma. Eileen tells Gail about David and Alina, asking her to make sure her son keeps out of the vulnerable girl’s way. Yasmeen tells Alya about her decision. She doesn’t know how she’s going to prove that Geoff is faking his attack. Seb corners Alina in the café and suggests to the angry girl that she moves out. Emma walks in on their argument. David walks out of the house when Gail confronts him about Alina. Emma is suspicious of Seb’s motives and tells him they’re finished. David drinks as he walks over a river bridge. A gang of muggers accost him and demand his phone and wallet, pulling a knife out on him.


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