As Alina and David get dressed, Seb lets his ex know that David has kids and a wife in hospital. Dr Gaddas urges Gemma to be honest with her if she's feeling depressed. Gemma rejects her help. Alya tells Yasmeen that Zeedan's invited them to Spain to watch him get married. She stipulates that it's immediate family only, so no Geoff. Evelyn is happy with her makeover from Claudia. Emma is anxious to know how Seb got on with Alina. Ken receives an extortionate fine for breaking Stillwaters' rules on pets and decides to challenge the ruling. Charles refuses to overlook the violation. Bernie threatens to tell Chesney that Gemma has post-natal depression if she won't. Seb tells Emma it's all good with Alina. He and David get into an argument at the Rovers with David doing his best to rile Seb. Seb launches himself at David when the latter advises him to accept that Alina's not into him. Abi restrains her son after he lamps David. Bernie covers for Gemma with Chesney again when he catches them arguing, saying that she asked to borrow money from Gemma. Alya's plan backfires when Geoff invites himself to the wedding, booking a five-star hotel and arranging cover at Speed Daal. David tries to explain to Alina that he's a free agent but she doesn't want to get involved. Emma demands an explanation from Seb. Seb says that David was just getting on his nerves, and it had nothing to do with Alina. Emma thinks his reaction was over-the-top if Alina is really just a friend to him. She tells him to stay somewhere else tonight while she decides if she wants to be with him. Bernie is mollified when Gemma agrees to notify Dr Gaddas of her condition if things get worse. Evelyn and Arthur enjoy their date at the Rovers. Evelyn is touched when Arthur gives her a stub from when they had their last dance in Blackpool. David explains to Nick that Shona has made him feel invisible and he just wanted to feel something. Nick urges him not to give on his marriage as the Shona who wants to divorce him isn't the real Shona. David refuses to waste his life waiting for her.


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  • No episodes were transmitted on Friday 27th March due to ITV's planned coverage of England V Italy international football. The match was ultimately postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with Star Wars: The Force Awakens being broadcast in the slot instead.
  • This was the last episode of Coronation Street to be unaffected by the schedule changes made by ITV in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. On 18th March, the network announced that the programme's output would be reduced to three episodes per week beginning on 30th March, but that recording would continue with scaled back location filming and fewer cast and crew [1]. Four days later, ITV confirmed that all recording was being suspended with immediate effect in accordance with the UK Government's social distancing measures [2]. The last episode produced entirely before the lockdown, intended for transmission on 13th May, was eventually broadcast on Friday 3rd July. Subsequent episodes contained scenes recorded after production resumed on Monday 8th June.
  • Mark Strange was the fight arranger in the scene where Seb Franklin punches David Platt.
  • TV Times synopsis: David and Seb come to blows in an argument over Alina; and Gemma plays down her depression and assures the doctor she is just exhausted.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,814,249 viewers (14th place).
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