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Alina stays out of Seb and Emma's way as much as possible. David shocks Maria by saying that Shona is doing him a favour by divorcing him as he can make a clean break. Bernie holds Gemma to her word by booking an appointment with Dr Gaddas for her and arranging for Paul and Billy to babysit. David's mask slips when he's rude to an undeserving Brian in the cafe. Geoff pays through the nose for another session with Rachel. He's annoyed when Yasmeen springs a doctor's appointment for her stomach cramps on him, forcing him to change his schedule to accompany her. David finds Alina in a contemplative mood in Victoria Gardens and invites her to drink with him. She's quiet at first but he brings her out of her shell. Charles Moore finds a damp patch on the carpet outside Ken's apartment. Smelling a rat, he puts his ear to Ken's door and hears Eccles bark. David and Alina amuse themselves by using the beer cans as target practice. David frees her up for the afternoon by texting Nick from Alina's phone saying she's unwell and needs time off. Eileen is upset when another Mother's Day passes with no word from Todd. Emma tells Seb she thinks Alina is avoiding her and asks him to make sure she's okay. Evelyn makes a date with Arthur and has another makeover from Claudia, adding that it's to be understated this time. Alya hears that Zeedan and his girlfriend are getting married in Alicante but they're keeping it small, with no family there. Ryan suggests that she insist on flying to Spain to witness the wedding along with Yasmeen, leaving Geoff behind. At the medical centre, Gemma downplays the problems she's been having to Dr Gaddas. Bernie is nearly told to leave when she tries to speak for Gemma. Seb interrupts David and Alina getting frisky at the flat.


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