Gemma desperately tries to break the door down as the babies continue to cry. Ryan suggests to Alya that Zeedan may be able to get through to Yasmeen. Bernie turns up with Mother's Day balloons and comes to Gemma's rescue by smashing a window. David returns from prison bitter that Clayton is free to carry on dripping poison into Shona's ear. Nick goes to see Shona himself to argue his brother's case. Norris feels trapped in Stillwaters as Freda gave up her life in Edinburgh to move to Weatherfield. Ken and Norris take a walk when Claudia invites Charles Moore to join them. Gemma freezes when she goes to check on the quads. Bernie assures her they're fine. Arthur bumps into Evelyn in The Kabin and explains that he stood her up because he was feeling insecure. He mentions that Tyrone warned him off her. Evelyn agrees to consider giving him another chance. Shona refuses to see Nick but passes on a message for David. Gemma worries that she's a danger to the babies. Zeedan isn't concerned about Yasmeen and Geoff and tells Alya she's overreacting. Bernie moves back into No.5 when she sees how much Gemma is doubting her fitness as a mother. Gemma agrees to see a doctor in exchange for Bernie not telling Chesney about her getting locked out. Rita and Mary are delighted when Norris visits the street with Ken. Evelyn tells Tyrone that she doesn't need him to rescue her and to mind his own business. Ken is concerned to hear from Tracy that no one will be around to walk Eccles tonight. Chesney is annoyed that Bernie has "foisted" herself on them again, on top of everything else they have to deal with. Bernie covers for Gemma, saying she was smashe dthe window while practicing kung-fu. Ken smuggles Eccles into Stillwaters, planning to take her home tomorrow. Nick tells David that Shona wants a divorce. Afraid to sleep, Gemma watches over the quads.


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