Gemma has a disturbing dream of her putting Aled in the washing machine. Nick snatches a piece of paper from David which turns out to be a visiting order for HMP Stoneway; he's seeing Clayton to make him leave Shona alone. On 'Mastering Monday' at Stillwaters, Freda signs everybody up for beginners graffiti. Ken and Norris go to watercolours class instead, though Norris isn't in the mood. Geoff works out a new rota at Speed Daal so that he and Alya don't have to work together. Evelyn asks Fiz or Tyrone to walk Cerberus as her hip's playing up. It's obvious to them that she's avoiding Arthur. Ryan fetches Yasmeen from No.6, saying that Alya is in a state and will only speak to her. She's angry to find it's just a trick to lure her to the flat and there are two officers there who have information to share about Geoff's past. Gemma receives a visit from a health visitor who checks the quads. She finds out that Llio has lost weight and is advised to increase her formula feeds as she's not producing enough milk. Gemma is alarmed by the health visitor's questions about her state of mind, including whether she's thought about harming the babies. Yasmeen refuses to cooperate with the police and scurries home without hearing what they have to say. Alya is annoyed as they'll only tell Yasmeen. Tensions are high as David meets with Clayton. Clayton intends to keep up his correspondence with Shona and gloats that David has been frozen out; now he knows how it feels. Gemma feels inadequate as her body can't keep up with the quads. Chesney doesn't understand why it's upset her so much. Tyrone tackles Arthur and tells him to stay away from Evelyn. Norris is miffed when Charles Moore takes over the arts class. He makes little effort and mocks Jackson Pollock's drip technique after Charles sings the artist's praises. Alya apologises to Yasmeen for deceiving her and convinces her gran to take the police officer's number in case she changes her mind. Tyrone doesn't tell Evelyn that he saw Arthur. Clayton tells David that Shona was the one who reached out to him. Gemma can't get the babies to stop crying and goes out into the yard to cool down after she catches herself glancing at the washing machine. In doing so, she locks herself out of the house.


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