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Gemma wants to return to part-time work, but Chesney tells her that she's just worrying over being rejected by Vanessa and Imogen. Yasmeen has been up all night wondering where Geoff is and gets no answer from his phone. Emma's worried when she overhears Mary advising Alina to tread carefully where Seb is concerned. Tim doesn't know where Geoff is and doesn't seem worried when Yasmeen enquires as to his whereabouts. Gail advises a depressed David not to give up on Shona. Vanessa gives Gemma a heartfelt apology and invites her to lunch at 1.00pm. Tyrone and Fiz are amused to hear that Evelyn is meeting Arthur at 6.00pm. Gemma enjoys a drink of Prosecco with the girls. Yasmeen walks into Speed Daal and overhears Alya ringing the police for an update on her criminal records enquiry. Alya refuses to apologise for interfering, nor does she accept that she's misunderstood Geoff's character. She's devastated when her gran makes it clear that she'd choose Geoff over her. Gemma does herself no favours when she talks to the girls about her dubious household habits, but Vanessa isn't happy when Imogen plies her with more alcohol. Gail persuades Nick to give her a few hours at the factory. A hurt David returns from Leeds with the news that Shona still won't see him, but she has been in touch with Clayton. Paul sees that Bernie is genuinely concerned about Gemma. To build bridges, he invites her for her tea later. Maria and Audrey try to allay Emma's fears about Seb. Claudia thinks about starting a hair-at-home business within Stillwaters. Gail puts on airs and graces with the Underworld staff. Emma calls on Alina and asks her if she and Seb have feelings for each other, as she'd rather know so that she can walk away now. Evelyn demands to reserve a booth in the Rovers, and makes Jenny comply with the threat of a health and safety complaint over a hotpot she purchased which burnt her tongue. Claudia offers to give her a makeover. A frustrated David takes his temper out on Gail. Gemma overhears Imogen saying her babies will be with social services by the end of the year. She rips into them and storms out of Speed Daal. The alcohol has gone to her head and she steps out into the path of a car which manages to stop in time. Craig and PC Tyms are on the spot and, smelling the alcohol on her breath, escort her home. Bernie steps in as her daughter almost breaks down on the spot. Geoff comes home, claiming he's been out all night walking and thinking. He makes himself out to be the victim, saying she throws everything he does for her back in his face. Alina assures a satisfied Emma she has no interest in Seb and she would never do anything to hurt her. The police drop the matter with Gemma. Geoff isn't pleased when Yasmeen asks for a delay before they move to Cyprus. Gemma admits to Bernie that she endangered the babies' lives, she hasn't slept for weeks, she worries about them non-stop and she's a hopeless mum. Bernie tells her to speak to Chesney and make him see how difficult things are. Her makeover finished, Evelyn is horrified to see that Claudia's made her up to look just like herself. Claudia is insulted by her complaints. At the end of her tether, Gemma argues with Bernie and she walks out of the house. Craig calls into Prima Doner and tells Chesney what happened. Geoff tells Alya they're delaying the move to Cyprus and then proceeds to make things difficult for her in the restaurant. Gemma promises Chesney she's going to be a super-mum from now onwards. Evelyn sits herself in her reserved booth with her make-up toned down to await Arthur. After falling out with Fiz two months ago, Jenny welcomes her back into the Rovers with drinks on the house. Alina snubs Seb's offer of a drink when she comes into the pub. Emma sees his disappointment. Geoff rings up for another appointment with Rachel, the escort. Arthur fails to turn up. Tyrone and Fiz see Evelyn's disappointment. Alina snaps at David when she thinks he's being rude in the pub and he buys her a drink as an apology. All the babies start crying when Joseph calls out from upstairs and an overwhelmed Gemma runs into the back yard where she breaks down.


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  • This was a one-hour episode made up of two production codes and transmitted at 7.30pm to enable a two-hour episode of Vera to be shown immediately afterwards. Both halves were written by Susan Oudot.
  • Dani Biernat was the stunt co-ordinator and Christina Lowe and Robert Jarman were the stunt drivers for the scene where Gemma Winter and the quads were almost knocked down by the car.
  • TV Times synopsis: Alya tells Yasmeen that she has reported Geoff to the police, but he makes himself out to be the victim and continues to plan to move to Cyprus, albeit not immediately; Bernie implores Gemma to speak to Chesney and tell him how low she is feeling; and Emma is worried when she overhears Mary warning Alina to tread carefully where Seb's concerned.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 7,146,853 viewers (9th place).

Notable dialogue

Evelyn Plummer (to Claudia Colby): "You've made me up to look like a chihuahua in a wind tunnel."

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