Geoff tries to enter the house but finds the chain on. Yasmeen lets him in. Alya has gone out the back way and he doesn’t suspect anything. Bernie bursts into Imogen’s back yard and tells her and her friends what she thinks of them. Vanessa looks guilty as Gemma drags her mum away. Evelyn and Arthur reminisce about old times, before he had left for Canada thinking she had stood him up, otherwise they might have married. Seb enjoys his drink with Eileen, Sean, Alina and Mary. Alya tells Eileen that Geoff is preventing her from seeing her gran. Norris tells Ken that Charles is ripping off the Stillwaters’s residents but Freda refuses to see the fact. A game of “truth or dare” in 'Emma's flat between the girls becomes embarrassing when Tracy is a bit too honest. Yasmeen asks Geoff about Jocelyn Walkey. He demands to know how she found out. As Gemma stands guard over the babies’ cots, Bernie begs her to be honest about how she is coping. Geoff claims Jocelyn attacked him and the charges against him were dropped when the police investigated. Livid, he drags it out of Yasmeen that the revelation came from Alya and he throws her curry meal on the floor. Evelyn finds out from Arthur that he’s a widower and he regrets that they parted once. He says he’ll be in the Rovers at 6.00pm tomorrow night. Geoff blames Yasmeen for trying to wreck their marriage as she tearfully tries to clean up the meal. She eats the food off the floor and he walks out of the room, saying she sickens him. Seb parts from Alina as he senses they’re getting too close again. Mary sees their sadness. Ken lies to Charles about his travels so as to impress him. Chesney walks into tensions between Gemma and Bernie as she insists that she’s fine and only needs a good sleep. Geoff goes out for the night, refusing to say to Yasmeen where he’s going. Emma tries to get reassurance from Abi that Seb really loves her. He tells her he missed her when he arrives home. Gemma admits to Chesney that she feels rejected by the other mothers. Geoff has a night out in a restaurant with a hired escort.


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