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Alya remembers Rana on the first anniversary of her death. Too impatient to wait for the police to take the statutory thirty-five days to check on Geoff's records, she investigates his past on the internet herself. Geoff uses wily words to convince Yasmeen that "she" was right to disown her granddaughter prior to their move to Cyprus. Bernie's concerned to sees Gemma's continuous anxiety as she watches over her babies. She pushes herself in to join her on her appointment at the baby senses class. Tyrone enjoys teasing Evelyn when he sees that she's made an effort to dress nicely to walk Cerberus. Ken has a slight hangover after an evening in the bar with Charles. Alya finds a newspaper report from five years ago that Geoff and an ex-girlfriend named Jocelyn Walkey were charged with affray following an incident in a Manchester pub. She determines to get him away from her gran by showing her the report. Ryan advises caution. Imogen and Vanessa arrive at the class, and both they and Bernie mutually hate each other on sight. Seb suggests a night in but Emma has invited Maria, Tracy, Amy and Abi round for a girls' night and asks him to stay out. Imogen and Vanessa make excuses when Gemma suggests meeting up later. Alya watches No.6 and makes a move when she sees Geoff leaving the house. Norris is cynical about Stillwaters, saying Freda has changed since they moved into the complex. He wants Ken to help him convince Freda to move out. Yasmeen asks Alya to leave her alone and won't let her into the house. She only does so when she threatens to cause a scene. Bernie warns Gemma that Imogen and Vanessa are not to be trusted. Evelyn waits forlornly in Victoria Gardens and is delighted when Arthur turns up. Seb retreats to the Rovers where Eileen insists she and Alina join him in a booth. Bernie thinks the ginnel could be done up and made into a proper community hub. They spot Imogen and Vanessa getting ready to have a get-together in Imogen's back yard with the other baby group mothers. Having shown Yasmeen the report, Alya begs her gran to wait just one month before moving to Cyprus. They hear Geoff coming back home. Yasmeen begs her to leave by the back door but Alya refuses.


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