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An uncomfortable Yasmeen claims the bag is just washing but Geoff examines it and Alya accuses him of being a control freak. Ken squirms as Norris reiterates his question. Sat by him in the audience, Freda is uncomfortable at her partner's actions but the attendees are on Ken's side, especially when Felicity, Charles and Francis speak up for him. Alya tells Geoff that Yasmeen is coming home with her but Geoff forces her to decide between them. She chooses to stay with Geoff, and he hisses in Alya's ear to leave the house. He throws her out and closes the curtains. Cerberus is diagnosed at the vets as having arthritis. Evelyn is taken aback when her old flame Arthur Medwin comes in with his dog. Geoff takes his anger about Alya's accusations out on Yasmeen and storms out. Evelyn drops hints to Arthur as to where she walks Cerberus. Tyrone is amused. Ken bears no grudges towards Norris and is surprised to hear that he and Freda have moved into Stillwaters. They all head to the bar. Bernie makes herself useful round the house and Gemma realises she's been thrown out by her flatmates. Paul is surprised to see his mother has returned. While the men fetch drinks for Freda and Claudia, Norris confides in Ken that he hates the place and is desperate to escape. He claims it's like a cult with social suicide being the price to pay for dissent towards Charles. Gemma wonders why Vanessa and Imogen aren't going to the baby social groups. Bernie suggests that the two of them go out and leave Paul and Billy with the babies but she refuses, anxious not to be separate from her children. Kevin and Abi advise Seb to take up the Australia offer. Tyrone tells Fiz about Arthur and teases his gran. Emma is delighted when Seb agrees to visit Fiona. Geoff returns to the house and plays on Yasmeen's fears, saying their marriage is broken. To keep him, Yasmeen is forced to say she'll cut her ties with Alya. Toyah accompanies Alya to the police station where they invoke Clare's Law to find out if Geoff has a criminal history of abuse.


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