Gemma is shattered after a restless night with the quads. Chesney isn’t pleased when Bernie suddenly appears at the door. A chirpy Geoff makes a special breakfast for Yasmeen. She has also slept badly, thinking about the proposed move to Cyprus. Geoff talks up the advantages of starting a new life. Ryan is looking forward to moving into Alya’s flat but she is preoccupied with her concerns about her gran. Yasmeen doesn’t want to leave Alya but Geoff insists she can come and visit them. She agrees to the move. Cerberus isn’t well. Ken and Claudia settle into the social life at Stillwaters. Ken is disappointed to hear that the literary society’s talk that night has been cancelled as the presenter is ill and Claudia offers Ken as a replacement talker, saying he’s an author. Alya presents Geoff with the evidence of the missing money but he brushes off the accusations, saying she won’t have many worries about him in the future. Emma tells Seb that Fiona has offered to pay for the two of them to visit her in Australia at Christmas, but he isn’t keen on the idea. Michael enjoys time with Tianna, but Grace reacts badly when he suggests a formal access arrangement which involves seeing her socially as well. Alya is staggered when Peter Stones, a valuer arrives to put a price on Speed Daal, telling her that Geoff and Yasmeen are selling their share of the business. Bernie buys a food shop for Gemma from Freshco, saying she knows she’s facing difficulties, though her daughter denies it. Alya calls on her gran who breaks the news to her that she’s moving away for a fresh start. Alya tells her that Geoff is slowly separating her from everyone she knows and he’s an abuser. Ken is nervous when he sees lots of chairs being set up for his talk. They meet former Foreign Office consul Francis. Cerberus is still ill and Evelyn is worried about him. Seb tries to get out of having a facetime chat with Fiona. Ken reads from one of his works, which goes down well and host Felicity Moore asks for audience questions. To Ken's surprise, the first hand that goes up is from Norris, who puts Ken on the spot when he asks exactly how many books he’s had published. Alya starts to pack a bag for Yasmeen, determined to separate her from Geoff. He walks into the house and asks what’s going on.


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