On moving day, Ken puts his doubts about leaving Coronation Street aside. Audrey is sceptical about his show of enthusiasm. Ali is charged and released on bail. He's pessimistic about his future in the medical profession. Yasmeen goes back to work to support Geoff. Alya makes another attempt to convince her gran that Geoff wrote the reviews, asking her why no one ever complains in person if they're genuine. Yasmeen has total faith in Geoff. Alya is equally unwavering in her refusal to give up her share of Speed Daal. Toyah job-hunts. Imran interests her in working for a big company as a PA. Geoff tells Yasmeen he has a meeting with his business adviser to discuss buying Alya's share, but he's actually going gardening with Brian on Roy's allotment. Brian takes some convincing to let him join him after what happened last time. Alya checks the restaurant's accounts and notices several mysterious withdrawals. She's annoyed when Ryan provides little support as he's preoccupied with Ali's troubles. Speed Daal holds story time for babies. A knackered Gemma is again joined by Imogen Tatum and Vanessa Finney. Nina can't believe Toyah wants to work for a company with such poor ethics. Toyah decides that she's right and doesn't apply. Tracy meets with an interior designer, eager to get started on No.1. A suspicious Liz escorts Ali when he clears out his locker at the medical centre. Ken says goodbye to Eccles. Ali tells Ryan he can't bear to see Maria with Gary any more and is leaving Weatherfield. Geoff reports to Yasmeen that his "business adviser" said they'd be fools to buy Alya out and they should sell up themselves instead. He suggests they retire to Cyprus, away from toxic family members. Yasmeen is unsure about making such a massive change. Geoff lets her think she's upset him by not jumping at the chance. Imogen and Vanessa suggest that Gemma could do with an extra pair of hands at home as she's clearly struggling. Eileen tells Alya about Geoff locking Yasmeen in his magic box. Ali has farewell drinks at the Rovers. Ken leaves Deirdre's attempt at peanut bowls at No.1 for Tracy to keep as he finishes his packing, content that all the memories he needs are in his head. As he sets off for his new home, he goes back and picks up the bowls after all. Maria makes up with Ali before he goes. He tells her he hopes he's wrong about Gary and they part on good terms. Alya questions Yasmeen about the magic box. Yasmeen says it was her own fault. Ali makes a quick visit to Toyah's to apologise for getting her the sack. She forgives him. Gemma leaves a voicemail for Bernie asking how she is but stops short of asking her to come back. Alya tries to make Yasmeen see that the "problems" Geoff helps her with only exist in her head but her words fall on deaf ears. Yasmeen forgives Geoff anything as he constantly tells her that he loves her; Sharif never did. Yasmeen has no explanation for the money missing from Speed Daal's account. She begs Alya to leave when she asks if Geoff hits her. Gary meets with Sharon to let her know that Ali is fine. Sharon asks for help with Rick's clients but Gary maintains that he's done being a loan shark. Ken and Claudia explore Stillwaters and meet fellow resident Charles Moore. Carla, Peter and Ryan see Ali off. Yasmeen wants to go to the Rovers after dinner. Geoff immediately shoots down the idea and suggests she's desperate for a drink.


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