Ali carries on driving, repeating his accusations about Gary until Maria believes him. Geoff denies writing the reviews and suggests that the customers are just picking up on Alya's bad attitude. Alya thinks Geoff is planning to oust her from the business. James tells the manager he isn't gay and Danny's message was a joke that went public by mistake. He's advised not to comment on the rumours. The other Baileys wait anxiously for him in the Rovers. Maria eventually persuades Ali to stop the car and let her out. She's freaked out by his behaviour and refuses a lift home. Yasmeen upsets Alya by sticking up for Geoff. Ken admits to Audrey that he's having second thoughts about Stillwaters. Audrey encourages him to speak to Claudia. Nina tells Roy she knows he lied to her. Roy apologises profusely and promises that it won't happen again. Maria arrives home and tells Gary that Ali kidnapped her. She doesn't want the police involved and would rather forget it happened. Ed approves of James putting his career first. Geoff offers to buy Alya out of Speed Daal as it's clear they can't work together. Alya refuses to throw away what she's built to a man like him. Ken can't bring himself to postpone the move after seeing how excited the McDonalds are to buy No.1. James is dropped from the next match as his mind's not on the game. His parents are concerned that he's being punished. Ali accosts Gary in the street and says that he knows he got someone to spike his drink. Gary calls him a paranoid junkie, leading Ali to punch him to the ground. Steve and Ryan pull them apart. Ali breaks free and is about to lay into Gary again when Maria steps between them, after which he backs down. Geoff convinces Yasmeen that Alya needs to move on for the sake of the business. Roy and Nina set off for an evening of bat-watching. Gary and Maria give statements to the police. Ali is arrested on suspicion of assault.


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