Roy lies to Nina that the next bat society meeting has been cancelled rather than tell her what the others thought of her. Ali remembers that he was in the Rovers not long before he collapsed and theorises that Gary or an accomplice spiked his drink. Ryan thinks his brother is in denial about his diazepam addiction. The Baileys are pestered by reporters. Aggie worries that going back in the closet will make James miserable. Yasmeen decides to go back to work as she's sick of being cooped up in the house. Geoff tells her she's more useful at home. Geoff introduces a new customized cuisine system at Speed Daal. Alya isn't keen as it'll take longer to prepare food. Another bad review is posted on the internet which again singles out Alya. Dr Gaddas questions Toyah about Ali and establishes that she knew he was addicted to diazepam and didn't report it. She tells Toyah to leave the surgery. Alya accuses Ray of writing the bad reviews. Ray says he has better things to do with his time. Ali is discharged from hospital. Ken packs his books at No.1. He's sad that he can't take Eccles with him to Stillwaters as they don't allow pets. Dr Gaddas suspends Ali from the medical centre and reports him to the general medical council. He discovers Toyah shopped him. Carla is confused by the new menu at Speed Daal and points out a typo to Alya. Nina goes online and discovers that the bat group meeting is still on. She assumes that Roy lied because he's ashamed to be seen with her. Carla puts her right. Audrey notices that Ken doesn't seem as enthusiastic about moving as Claudia. James meets with the club's manager and press officer. He's asked if he wants to make a statement to confirm or deny the rumours, with assurances that he'll be supported either way. Alya barges in on the Metcalfes and accuses Geoff of making up bad reviews; one of them has the same spelling mistake as the one on the menu. Maria sees Ali looking for Gary and gets into his car to ask if he overdosed because of her. When she reacts to his accusations about Gary with incredulity, Ali locks the doors and drives off with Maria an unwilling passenger.


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