Gary is horrified that Ali could die, as he only wanted to frame him as a drug addict and get him struck off. He rings Sharon and tells her she's on her own if he doesn't make it. Danny deletes his tweet however it's already been shared 5000 times. Nina shows off her home-made bat boxes to the Weatherfield Bat Society. They are only grudgingly impressed and refuse to let her to go bat-watching with them as she'll scare the bats away. Gary pretends to be Ali's brother to find out if he'll pull through. Claudia talks Ken round and the Barlows are told that the move to Stillwaters is set for later this week. Tracy "generously" lets Peter have Blanche's old room until he finds somewhere. Maria visits Ali in hospital. Ryan thinks she has a nerve and accuses her of playing Ali off against Gary for an ego boost. James suspects Danny outed him deliberately and worries about his career. Roy resigns from the bat group when they call Nina a Victorian throwback, disapproving of their small-mindedness. Brian also withdraws in solidarity. Maria returns home and immediately confesses to Gary that she had sex with Ali. She says she regretted it as soon as it happened. Gary contains his rage and gives Maria the silent treatment. James goes into work as normal as he plans to deny the rumours. Toyah admits to Imran that she's been helping Ali cover up his drug habit, and she's worried that Dr Gaddas is onto her. County's manager summons James to a meeting with a press officer. Maria doesn't expect Gary to forgive her and is surprised when he does, noting that she's had a lot to put up with. Ali regains consciousness in hospital. He's puzzled when Ryan tells him he overdosed on diazepam; for once, he didn't take anything.


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