Craig starts his new fitness routine with a 2k practice run. Imran is defeated within minutes and goes off to the cinema instead. Sharon takes possession of Rick's client list. In return, she goes along with Gary's plan to ruin Ali. James agrees to go out for a drink with Danny as friends. Ali lets Maria know that Gary has been threatening Ryan. Maria thinks he's just stirring things and says that sleeping with him was a mistake. Billy hosts the Weatherfield Golden Heart awards. Aggie is presented with a trophy by Tommy Orpington. She still thinks she doesn't deserve it and gives a humble speech. James is approached by journalist Tessa Fulton who asks for a comment on the rumours about his sexuality circling on social media. He's horrified to discover he's been outed by Danny on Twitter. Tessa offers him an exclusive but James maintains he's straight. Claudia wants to snap up two bedrooms that have become available at Stillwaters for her and Ken. James rings Danny demanding that he take his tweet down. He's angered further when Billy offers his sympathies based on the prejudice he's received as a gay vicar. Gary surprises Maria by going for a lavish wedding. Ken can't commit to Stillwaters as Tracy and Steve don't have a mortgage on No.1 yet. Claudia offers to cover his share until the house is sold though he's uncomfortable with the idea. Roy hosts a meeting of the Weatherfield Bat Society at the cafe, joining Brian, Herman, Dave and Farooq. Craig is attending a wellness check-up with Ali at the medical centre when Ali begins slurring his words. Danny has seemingly posted a private message to James publicly by accident. Ali collapses at the medical centre. As Toyah and Dr Gaddas rush to his aid, Toyah advises the doctor that it could be a diazepam overdose. Nina joins the bat society. They are mistrustful of her. Maria and Gary see Ali being loaded into an ambulance.


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