Daniel tells Adam he’s been foolish and ponders on whether he can now get on with mourning Sinead properly. As Maria cuts Brian’s hair, she tells him how she’s going to be celebrating her engagement with a champagne celebration with Gary later in the Rovers. A nervous Aggie prepares for her first day’s return to nursing. Beth drops some cake round for Craig. He accepts it but wants to lose weight. Beth’s annoyed that he’s stayed in touch with Bethany after reading a text to him to say she’s settled in London. Roy and Nina continue to get on each other’s nerves. Carla mentions that Roy’s going bat-watching that night and thinks the girl ought to get more of a social life herself. Beth thinks Daniel has a nerve when he asks for Sinead’s belongings back. Gary’s surprised when, at a furniture-buying call, he bumps into Sharon Geary who arrives to collect a debt from a scared old man who is desperate to sell his belongings to pay her back. She tells Gary that she’s had no option but to get into the loan shark business as her job prospects are so bad. She’s interested in obtaining Rick’s client list but Gary refuses to hand it over. Hearing that Simon, Amy and Asha are off for a night out, Carla gets them to agree that Nina can join them. Ed apologises to James and admits he should never have spoken to Danny the way that he did. Remaining hurt, James agrees to try and get along for Aggie’s sake. Near the end of his tether, Daniel tearfully admits to Beth he got things wrong about Bethany but she continues to rip into him. Although not overtly sympathetic, she admits to a concerned Peter that the lad needs help. Craig chases after a shoplifter from The Kabin but is soon out of breath. He admits to Kirk that his work colleagues take the mickey out of his size. Nina isn’t interested in being with the youngsters for a night out, saying she’s more interested in joining Roy bat-watching. Before setting off on his delayed honeymoon, Adam thoroughly enjoys telling a stunned Gary that Ali had a fling with Maria on Valentine’s day. The Barlows have a council of war as to how they could help Daniel, and Peter has a suggestion to put to them. As Maria waits in the Rovers, Gary can barely contain his temper as he paces the ginnel. Aggie arrives in the pub and is reserved about how well her first day went. James breaks the news that she’s won her nominated Weatherfield Golden Heart award. Gary calls on Ryan and, threatening him with a wrench, demands to know the truth about Ali. A scared Ryan lies that Ali and Maria aren’t up to anything. Carla makes Roy and Nina talk to each other about going out bat-watching. Ken, Tracy and Peter call on Daniel and offer him a paid break at a retreat in Scotland to get himself together. He adamantly refuses as no one would be able to look after Bertie. On Rosamund Street, Ryan catches up to Ali and tells him how he covered for him and Maria, saying he should lie low. Neither of them sees Gary listening from near the ginnel. Beth arrives at the flat with Sinead’s belongings in the middle of the argument about Daniel’s proposed trip. She agrees to take time off work and accompany him for Bertie’s sake. Craig decides to take up a fitness routine. Aggie is embarrassed when Ed proposes a toast to her in the Rovers. Containing his temper, Gary joins Maria in the pub for their celebration. Toyah insists that Imran joins Craig’s new routine. Roy and Nina enjoy an evening in a derelict building and find they have much in common. Daniel, Beth and Bertie set off together. Beth gets grateful thanks from the Barlows. Still fuming, Gary rings up Sharon and offers her Rick’s client list in return for a big favour.


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