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Bethany screams down at Daniel that she is not Sinead and Sarah is horrified that he is using his dead wife's ring to propose with. Jade insists that she and Tyrone love each other. Fiz sends Hope out of the room and approaches the girl, threatening to assault her again. Peter and Adam try to drag Daniel away from the salon flat. In the melee, Daniel drops Sinead's ring in the street and a car runs over and flattens it. Unperturbed by Jade's threats of police action, Fiz tells her that her mad scheming will never work as they are such a close-knit family. To demonstrate how wrong she is, Jade calls Hope down to ask her if she loves her mum more than her. She is devastated when Hope accuses her of telling lies and leans into Fiz for a hug. Alya is determined to track down the source of the bad reviews but Geoff warns her off tackling Ray again. The Platts gather round Bethany as she tries to come to terms with the realisation that she's been foolish. Adam calls, saying Daniel's in a state and needs to talk to her. Ali tries to talk to Maria again and she threatens him with a harassment charge. Hope insists to a crying Jade that she loves her mum and dad more than her. With everyone united against her, Jade walks out of the house whilst insulting their boring domesticity. Outside, she sobs on the street. Meeting Daniel, Bethany tells him that he's kidding himself if he thinks it could work between them. She refuses to live in Sinead's shadow and tells him that she's leaving today without him. Maria insists to Gary that everything was fine at the doctor's. Tyrone regrets trying to be kind to Jade but Fiz is delighted that her daughter came through for them in the end. Adam approaches Ali in the Rovers, being friendly towards him, and hinting that Carla said more than she did to him. He dupes him into admitting he had a fling with Maria. When Yasmeen tries to defend Alya's actions over the reviews, Geoff resorts to type, telling her to shut up. Nick arranges for Bethany to stay with friends of his in London. David's hired a van to take her down there. With her bags packed, Bethany asks Sarah to keep an eye on Daniel. A smiling Adam assures Ali his secret is safe with him. The Platts say goodbye to Bethany. She says a loving goodbye to Craig. Daniel approaches and says it's not too late for him to join her, but she disagrees. She tells him to concentrate on Bertie. She's driven off to begin her new life as Daniel sobs.


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