Daniel has almost finished packing for London. Bethany asks if he should delay joining her for a few weeks, as he’s obviously still grieving. Daniel assures her it doesn’t change his love for her. Tim tells Geoff how expensive his wedding is proving to be. After spending the night at the Rovers, Adam and Sarah decide to separately approach Daniel and Bethany again. Fiz and Evelyn aren’t pleased to discover that Tyrone has bought Jade a bracelet as a belated birthday present on Hope’s behalf. Nina tells Eileen she’s enjoying living with Roy but isn’t sure he’s as happy about the arrangements. Tyrone, Evelyn, Hope and Ruby meet Jade in the cafe and give her the present. Jade is touched when Hope blurts out about the care that Tyrone took in choosing the bracelet. Kirk reports to Daniel that Sinead’s things have been found and gives him back her wedding ring that was found in the bags. Adam winds Gary up by saying that Carla has been passing on things she knows about Maria. Adam joins Daniel for drinks. Daniel confesses to him that Bethany is having second thoughts. Bethany reacts defensively to Sarah’s attempts to talk to her. Eileen is feeling the pressure of having both Sean and Mary in her house. Daniel orders more drinks as he says that Bethany is being influenced by everyone’s nagging. He wonders about proposing to her to demonstrate his commitment. Adam tries to warn him off being too hasty. Jade calls at the garage to thank an uncomfortable Tyrone for his thoughtfulness. She leans in for a kiss and he pushes her away. Geoff offers to pay all the costs for Tim’s wedding, saying his finances are in good shape. Speed Daal gets another one-star review and Alya suspects Ray is behind it. Maria goes for a doctor’s appointment and finds that it’s with Ali. She asks to see a nurse instead. Following Tyrone home, Jade insists that there is a spark between them. Fiz and Hope walk in as he attempts to throw her out of the house. She delights in telling them that the two of them kissed. In the salon flat, Bethany and Sarah hear a drunken Daniel calling from the street below. They open the window and he drunkenly goes down on one knee to propose, but horrifies everyone when he calls her “Sinead”.


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