Maria confides in Emma that David’s barbs have hit home. Craig and Kirk try to trace the bin van’s movements. Geoff is in a state about Yasmeen’s whereabouts. He finds her passport, just as she lets herself in to the house. He collapses in tears, confessing that he thought she’d left him. She’s bemused by his reaction as she comforts him. Everyone gathers for the wedding. Beth looks daggers at Daniel as she enters. Bethany and Lily are bridesmaids and Harry is a page. Sarah is walked down the aisle by Nick and David. Alya tells Toyah that she feels that Geoff is isolating her gran. Sarah and Adam exchange their vows, but the words about love start to hit home with Daniel. Bethany spots him playing with his own wedding ring. Jade calls at No.9 to see if Tyrone has spoken to Fiz about another meeting. Hope watches unseen from the back room as Jade cries that it's her birthday but she is having a terrible time. She tries to cry on Tyrone's shoulder, but he gently brushes her off. Geoff suggests they could have a holiday together in Cyprus and borrow from Speed Daal for the trip but Yasmeen refuses to do that to Alya. Kirk and Craig turn up at the wedding reception with the news that the bags can’t be found at the tip. Beth erupts at Bethany and Daniel for wiping out Sinead’s existence and then walks out. Craig warns Bethany that Daniel is a car crash waiting to happen. Maria tells a delighted Gary she wants the two of them to get married as soon as possible. Peter and Adam try to comfort Daniel who is starting to drink heavily. Carla drops hints to an interested Adam that something is going on between Maria and Ali. Before she can explain further, David calls everyone together for the speeches. Hope makes a birthday card for Jade, insisting she wants to give it to her. Daniel’s speech starts well but when he starts to quote from a love letter written by Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh to his wife, he starts to break down. Bethany looks uncomfortable at the evidence of his feelings. Geoff secretes money away that he’s taken out of Speed Daal’s till. Sarah and Audrey tell an uncomfortable Bethany that Daniel is obviously not ready to move on from Sinead’s memory.


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  • The wedding scenes were recorded in Manchester Hall, Bridge Street, Manchester.
  • TV Times synopsis: Adam and Sarah prepare to tie the knot; and Beth has a go at Bethany and congratulates her on airbrushing Sinead out of their lives.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,683,260 viewers (5th place).
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