Gail and Audrey are relieved that the wedding is still going ahead. Gary delights in making barbed comments to Sarah about the disastrous stag and hen nights. Alya calls to see her gran but Geoff claims that she’s ill in bed and shuts the door on her. Yasmeen is still in tears over Charlotte and Geoff overs her scant comfort. He refuses to let her return to work, saying she needs to rest. Daniel sorts out his things prior to his move to London. Sinead’s clothes and personal effects have been packed up to be given to Beth. Sarah is still angry with Adam for not telling him about Bethany’s plans and he worries that it’s a bad start to their married life. Provoked by digs from David, Gary suggests to Maria that they should also arrange their wedding but she’s evasive. David laughs at her suddenly getting cold feet. The women get ready in No.8. There is an atmosphere when Bethany walks in. With Kirk and Beth out, Daniel leaves Sinead’s things in bags outside their flat with a note on them, written with a pen borrowed from Emma. Alya confronts Geoff about Yasmeen’s tears in the garden last night but he brushes off her concerns. Jade calls at the garage, asking to see Hope again but Tyrone’s non-committal. Bethany walks out when she and Sarah argue. As Sarah has been ignoring his texts, Adam calls at No.8 to sort matters out. Beth sees the bags and, thinking someone’s dumped their rubbish there, orders Kirk to put them in the bins. Craig sees Bethany alone in Victoria Gardens. She’s refusing to attend the wedding, but he persuades her to change her mind. Adam makes Sarah realise she’s also being foolish and future husband and wife are reconciled. Kirk realises the mistake that’s been made when Emma asks him if he and Beth picked up Sinead’s things. Alya calls at No.6 and is only reluctantly let in by Yasmeen. She only tells her she’s upset because Charlotte died without saying anything about the manner of her death. Alya insists they go for a walk round the Red Rec together. Yasmeen leaves her phone behind. Fiz and Tyrone argue when he tells her about Jade’s visit. Beth and Kirk find the bins have been collected. A frantic Geoff comes back from Speed Daal in a panic as he’s not getting any response to his phone calls and he finds No.6 empty. As the Barlow menfolk set off for the wedding, Kirk confronts Daniel, blaming him for the loss of Sinead’s effects.


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  • A postman is uncredited although he has a line of dialogue.
  • TV Times synopsis: Daniel packs Sinead's things into bin bags and drops them on Beth and Kirk's doorstep.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 7,106,108 viewers (2nd place).
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