Having decided not to take the internship, Bethany tries to secure her factory position long-term. Geoff makes Yasmeen take another day off on account of her back, even though she feels fine. Abi hasn't been seen since Kevin threw her out. Sally calls Kevin an idiot for rejecting Abi after she went to such lengths to protect him. Sarah refuses to extend Bethany's role. Tracy is afraid of losing No.1 to Peter and gets Steve to agree to raise their offer to £125,000. Gemma goes to the baby yoga class at Speed Daal and sees Imogen Tatum and Vanessa Finney again. Adam casually mentions Bethany's internship to Daniel, not realising that Bethany hasn't told him. Gemma splits her jeans while doing yoga but enjoys herself as she gets on with the other mothers. Daniel won't allow Bethany to put her career on hold for him and comes up with the obvious solution - he and Bertie will move to London with her. Bethany supports the idea but worries about what people will say. Sally finds Abi crashed out at No.4 after staying at a mate's. Carla deliberately leaves the envelope containing hers and Peter's bid for No.1 on the counter at Preston's Petals for Tracy to see. The amount is £130,000. Geoff arrives home from work expecting dinner on the table but Yasmeen has been busy cleaning out the chicken coop and hasn't started it yet. He yells at her for treating their pets better than her own husband. Adam asks Daniel not to tell anyone about his plans with Bethany as he doesn't want an argument breaking out at the wedding. Beth comes in with Bertie while they're talking and Daniel is forced to elaborate. Yasmeen serves up a vegetable dinner as Geoff didn't give her enough money to buy meat. Geoff bins it and sends Yasmeen upstairs while he cooks a proper dinner. Beth feels that every trace of Sinead is being stolen from her and promises to thwart Daniel's plans. The Barlows meet at No.1 where Adam reads out the bids. Tracy and Steve emerge victorious with £135,000 - no one is more surprised than Steve. Sally helps Kevin say sorry to Abi by preparing a romantic dinner for the pair at No.4. Imran, Daniel, Nick, Peter and David attend Adam's stag do at Speed Daal, with Ryan DJing, while Liz, Cathy, Sally, Mary, Audrey, Leanne, Toyah and Gail gather at the Rovers for Sarah's hen night. Bethany arrives and tells Sarah she's accepted the internship. A beaming Sarah announces it to the hens. Steve demands Tracy retract their bid for No.1. Beth crashes the hen do to have it out with Bethany, alerting Sarah to her plans with Daniel. Geoff serves up chicken with trimmings. He waits until Yasmeen's had two mouthfuls and complimented the meal before revealing that she's devouring Charlotte, her own beloved hen. Sarah marches over to Speed Daal and rows with Daniel for tying Bethany down. She's peeved when Adam defends Daniel. The stag and hen parties end prematurely because of the bad feeling. Yasmeen is sickened by Geoff's cruelty but he makes out she's being overdramatic, reminding her that she said herself the chickens were for food, and Charlotte wasn't any use to them anymore. Kevin tells Abi that he loves her. Abi reciprocates his feelings. Geoff tells Yasmeen that if she has a problem with his actions then it's her fault for making such a lousy dinner. Tracy can't bring herself to disappoint Ken after he expresses his delight that Amy will grow up in the house he shared with Deirdre. Gail sees Yasmeen crying while she feeds her chickens and tells Alya. The opposition to their London plans begins to weigh on Bethany's mind. Returning home from the pub, Geoff blanks Yasmeen entirely as she cleans up for him.


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  • This was a one-hour episode made up of two production codes and transmitted at 7.30pm to enable a two-hour episode of Vera to be shown immediately afterwards.
  • TV Times synopsis: Geoff returns home and rails at Yasmeen for failing to have his dinner on the table; Sally invites Kevin round for dinner with Abi, before heading off to Sarah's hen night and leaving them to sort out their differences; and Tracy urges Steve to up their offer on the house in the hope that it will top Peter's bid.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,743,246 viewers (5th place).
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