Tyrone refuses to sell his share of the garage to bail Kevin out. Sarah thinks Bethany is infatuated with Daniel like she was with Nathan. Bethany finds the comparison offensive. Ken avoids being drawn into Tracy and Peter's dispute. Cathy and Emma are too busy to join Gemma at further classes. Two of the other mothers, Vanessa Finney and Imogen Tatum, offer their help and invite Gemma to a baby yoga class tomorrow. Abi and Kevin make separate appeals to Tyrone to change his mind. Tyrone is unwilling to risk Ray kicking them and Gary out the minute he becomes their landlord, putting him and Fiz out of work in one fell swoop. Kevin admits that he's helping Abi because he loves her. Craig collects Bertie and is cold to Daniel and Bethany. Yasmeen is concerned that one of the chickens, Charlotte, hasn't laid an egg for a fortnight. Geoff sends Yasmeen home when her back plays up at Speed Daal; she moved the sofa to vacuum underneath, at his insistence. Kevin tells Tyrone he's considering a future with Abi and asks him to take a bullet for him, as he would do if the situation was reversed. Bethany tells Daniel she didn't get onto the writing course but doesn't mention the internship. Abi explains her dilemma to Eileen. Eileen fills her in about Phelan blackmailing Anna into having sex with him, and that Kevin still went out with her. Abi decides to come clean to Kevin but discovers that he and Tyrone have already sold the garage to Ray. Geoff tells Alya that a customer wrote a bad review of Speed Daal on the internet, complaining about the service, and makes it clear that he blames her. The pair call a truce for Yasmeen's sake. Ray stirs things by telling Kevin Abi's news for her, and twisting it to make it sound worse. Adam suggests sealed bids for No.1 to avoid further arguments. Carla thinks of a way for everyone to get what they want. Abi gives Kevin her side of the story, saying that Ray was messing with her. Kevin doesn't care that she didn't go through with it, as Ray was the one who stopped it. He can't believe he's put his and Jack's future on the line for her.


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