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Ray reiterates his offer of £90,000 for the garage and demands an answer before they close for business today. Tracy dismisses Peter's offer for No.1 as he must be skint to be living with Ken in the first place. Alya asks to come back to Speed Daal. Yasmeen enthusiastically takes her back on. Beth uses the wrong material on an order at the factory. Bethany takes responsibility for the error in an attempt to ingratiate herself with Beth. Abi urges Kevin not to sell as Ray may shop them to the police anyway. Beth tells Bethany she's wasting her time trying to be mates with her. Abi begs Ray not to punish Kevin for what she did to him. Ray shows her the picture of her in his hotel room and demands she get Kevin to sign the contract today or else he'll tell him everything. Gemma attends a baby senses class at the community centre, with Cathy and Emma helping with the quads. Gemma is afraid that the other mothers will look at her like a freakshow and is pleased when they express their admiration at her for coping with four babies. Geoff pretends he's happy to have Alya back. Kevin tries to buy Ray off by paying damages. Ray refuses his offer. Peter believes he can get a mortgage but doesn't have a deposit down. Carla doesn't want the house and makes Peter realise he's being sentimental. He decides to pull his offer. Bethany is disappointed when the college rejects her application. The admissions officer passes her work to a magazine who offer her a six-month internship. Tracy winds Peter up by making cracks about the fumes from the Rovers keeping him off the booze. Peter decides to go for the house after all to stop her from ripping Ken off. Bethany tells Sarah about the internship. Sarah is aghast when she reveals she's planning to turn it down as it's based in London and she can't leave Daniel. Kevin tells Tyrone that if Ray doesn't get the garage today, he and Abi may go to prison.


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