Danny tells James he doesn't want to see him anymore as he can't be with someone who's in the closet. He understands James's reasons for not going public about his sexuality. James thinks he's been put up to it by Ed. Ken begins clearing out the loft. Peter is annoyed to find Ken considering Tracy's farcical offer for No.1. Gemma watches Aled sleeping so that he'll see her when he wakes up and know that she loves him. Chesney fears she'll wear herself out. Peter suggests to Carla that they buy No.1 together to provide stability for Simon. Kevin invites Abi to a special tea at No.13. Right after their phone conversation, she meets Ray for sex at the Chariot Square Hotel. Ray makes her change into a skimpy outfit and photographs her while she's changing. Bethany asks Daniel if he minds her working at Underworld. Daniel doesn't see an issue. Abi is confused when Ray tells her the deal's off before anything has happened between them. Peter and Carla offer Ken the full marking value for No.1. Sarah starts Bethany at the factory. Beth asks her new colleague what she's after next, now that she has Sinead's man and job. Tracy is already picking out the new decor for No.1. Kevin cuts a pizza into a heart shape for Abi. Hearing a knock at the door, he assumes it's her but it turns out to be Ray. Chesney makes up a mobile to hang over Aled's coat, with pictures of Gemma's face dangling from it, allowing her to get some sleep. She's moved when he shows off some sign language phrases he's learned. Ed denies telling Danny to finish with James. James believes Ed only wants him to succeed at football so that he can brag to his mates. Abi worries that Ray has told Kevin everything but he's only showed him the dashcam footage. Tracy finds out about Peter's counter-offer for No.1 and tells Ken that she and Steve will match it. Ray makes a new threat to Kevin and Abi - either Kevin signs the garage over to him, and make Tyrone do the same, or he passes the dashcam footage onto the police.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Danny tells James he doesn't want to continue seeing him; and as Kevin awaits Abi's arrival for tea, he is shocked to find Ray on his doorstep.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,682,916 viewers (6th place).
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