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Gemma receives a phone call saying they can fit in Aled for a hearing test due to a cancellation. She insists Chesney attends with her, even though he has work and chores, and also has to drop Joseph off at his football club. Gary and Maria announce their engagement in the cafe to muted congratulations. Ali forces himself to shake Gary's hand. After spending the night with Kevin, Abi thinks she should sneak out of No.13 to avoid Jack, but Kevin assures her that his son likes her. A stressed-out Chesney has to drop Joseph off near the club and can't escort him inside. An enthusiastic Gail declares herself to be Adam and Sarah's wedding planner. Her future son-in-law is forced to sit with her while Sarah goes with Nick to conduct some business at the factory. Danny isn't returning James's calls. He refuses to listen to Ed's apologies. Chesney picks up a complaining Gemma for the appointment while Cathy looks after the other three babies. Kevin tells him that the football club isn't open today, and Chesney has to dash back for Joseph while Kevin takes Gemma to the hospital. Sally advises Abi not to rush into things with Kevin. Ali comes into the barbers shop and begs Maria not to go through with the engagement. She tearfully asks him to leave her alone. Sally tells Kevin he could be facing prison because of Abi. Jack overhears her. Chesney can't find Joseph anywhere near the club. He rings Craig and Billy for help while he looks for his son. Gemma assures him that she's fine while she waits at the hospital. Chesney finds a forlorn Joseph sitting on a bench, without his trainers which some lads stole off him. He tells his dad he's sick of being neglected and he hates his brothers and sisters. Chesney tries to assure him that he loves him. Kevin and Abi prise out of an upset Jack what's wrong with him and discover he's scared because of what Sally said about prison. Abi is furious. Izzy and Sally sort out alterations to Sarah's wedding dress and gain an invitation to the event as a thank-you. Beth and Sean are angry not to be included. Chesney makes it to the hospital where the tests have been concluded and they are awaiting the results. Ali has been drinking. Ryan tries to prevent him going into the furniture shop to see Gary. Before anything can be said about their fling, Maria comes in and makes up a story about why Ali wants to see him. Abi storms into the factory, demanding to see Sally. She rips into her for upsetting Jack. Demanded to be told the truth about her opinions, Sally replies truthfully that trouble seems to follow Abi around. Aggie explains to an unconvinced James that Ed's reaction was due to him having a lot of information to process in one go. Maria meets Ali in secret and tells him to stay out of her life for good. Chesney and Gemma are devastated to be told that Aled has permanent profound hearing loss in both ears. The next step is to have moulds made for hearing aids. Gemma is overwhelmed by the news and the thought that he's never heard her say that she loves him. Ray summons Ed to the bistro to discuss alterations. He apologises to Danny for what he said to him but says he's fearful for his son facing the prejudices of being a gay, black footballer. Danny assures him that James will hide his sexuality from the outside world but is thrown when Ed asks if he can cope being in a hidden relationship with his son. Oliver celebrates his third birthday with a party. The cake that Steve ordered is wrong as it contains a picture of him and Tim instead of Oliver. Bethany turns up with Daniel, raising eyebrows. James is thrilled to get a text from Danny asking to meet tomorrow. He's civil to Ed when he arrives home, pleasing Aggie. Joseph is upset to hear the news about Aled. Gemma thinks they're out of their depth and need to find answers to their problems. She spots a Freshco bag and rings Tara asking to see her in the Rovers to restart the ad campaign. She's told by Tara that she's clinging on to her job by her fingertips thanks to her and Chesney, and is unwilling to help them in any way. Adam's not pleased to be told by Sarah that she's now invited all the factory staff to the wedding and points out that Beth might kick off at Daniel and Bethany. Chesney is shocked when Gemma says she's to blame for not taking the selective reduction. He comforts her as she breaks down. Sally apologises to Kevin and Abi and assures her friend that she's got her back. Pushed by a suspicious Gary, Ryan admits that Ali still has feelings for Maria. Chesney assures Gemma he's by her side as they deal with Aled's challenges. Ray delights in telling Kevin and Abi that he's heard some news that will mean trouble for the pair of them.


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  • This was a one-hour episode made up of two production codes and transmitted at 7.30pm to enable a two-hour episode of Vera to be shown immediately afterwards. P694/10012 was written by David Isaac and P694/10013 by Mark Burt.
  • A receptionist at the hospital is uncredited although she has a line of dialogue.
  • The scene of Chesney Brown leaving Joseph to make his own way to football club was recorded on the real-life Coronation Street in Ordsall, Salford, while the exterior of the Westleaf Adult Learning Centre was recorded on the adjoining Huddart Close and is the rear of the Salford Lads' Club which also featured in Episode 9425 (9th April 2018) and Episode 9426 (9th April 2018). The scene where Chesney finds Joseph was recorded at the far end of Huddart Close, at the rear of the St Ignatius Centre.
  • TV Times synopsis: Chesney panics when Joseph goes missing; Ali begs Maria not to marry Gary; after spending the night with Kevin, Abi is cautious about confusing Jack; and Adam is far from pleased to learn Sarah has invited the entire factory to their wedding.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 7,045,928 viewers (5th place).

Notable dialogue

James Bailey (to Ed Bailey): "You're working for a guy over the road who touches up women, abuses his staff, and yet you think me and Danny are the perverts?"

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