As Tara glares at him, Chesney makes an impassioned speech about the realities of bringing up quads: how tired they are; how great a mother Gemma is; and, how unsympathetic Tara is to their issues. He calls off the event and gets a heartfelt round of applause from the audience. Ed finds Danny in the bistro and furiously accuses him of corrupting James. Chatting with Carla, Maria talks herself into accepting Gary’s proposal. James walks in on his father threatening Danny. Kevin returns from the police station with the bad news. He points out to Abi that he’s in the clear only if they can’t find any evidence against her. Fiz finds a cheap place in Liverpool for a family break and the chance to reconnect with Hope. Back home, Gemma excitedly tells Cathy how Chesney stood up for them. They are interrupted when an angry Tara knocks on the door. Sally lectures Abi for leading Kevin down the garden path. Abi assures her that she thinks of the world of Kevin and he deserves only the best. Overhearing them, Kevin smiles to himself. Sick of Sally’s nagging, Abi drags Kevin out of the Rovers to the Weatherfield Arms. Accusing Chesney of trashing the Freshco brand, Tara terminates the contract. Cathy suggests Chesney goes to Dev and begs for his job back. Back at No.3, James confronts Ed with being a homophobe in front of a distressed Aggie. Chesney walks into an effusive welcome from Dev as he was wearing his Prima Doner shirt when he made his speech, which has now gone viral. Chesney tells him how desperate he is for a job. James heartfully confronts Ed about his own feelings. He walks out of the house when his father admits he feels sick to his stomach. Chesney is taken back on but with limited shifts. An upset Jade watches from a distance as Hope sets off with the others on their break. A delighted Gary returns home to Maria’s acceptance of his proposal. Abi tells Kevin how she feels about him and they kiss. She leads him up to the bedroom. Gemma comforts a restless Aled as she promises him she’ll always do her best for him. In the early hours of the morning, James has still not returned and Aggie rips into Ed for not making their son feel safe in his own home. She walks out into the night to find him.


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