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Chesney and a worried Gemma set off for Aled's hearing test while Cathy babysits the other children. DC Holden calls to take Kevin to the police station for questioning. Carla notices uncomfortable looks passing between Ali and Maria. Fiz is tired of Jade playing the fun sister while she's seen as the nagging mother. Christine sends a message asking to see them. At No.3's breakfast table, Michael witters on about his idea for a glass toaster but the chat is interrupted when James says he needs to make an announcement. At the hospital, Chesney and Gemma are texted by Tara, pushing for an arrival time for the Freshco event. James momentarily loses his nerve but then blurts out to Ed that he's gay. When Aled won't go to sleep for his test, the audiologist says they will have to reschedule. Questioned, she admits the baby could have hearing problems. Ed is hurt to realise that Aggie and Michael knew about James and kept the fact from him. He tells his son that he loves him, no matter who he is. Kevin is presented with CCTV evidence that he was alone in the car on the way to Castlefield. Chesney and Gemma arrive home to a waiting and impatient Tara. Kevin is threatened with a charge of perverting the course of justice. Tara tells Chesney and Gemma that as they're late for hair and make-up, she doesn't want them to appear in person with the babies but to wait at one side. Ed confides in Aggie that he's having trouble dealing with the revelation. Christine passes on a message from Jade asking if they want to go with her to a toy fair at the weekend. Fiz lies, saying they're going on a family holiday. Maria interrupts Carla asking Ali what's going on between the two of them. At the Freshco event, Chesney and Gemma watch Tara, surrounded by the quads, lie that the parents are ill and can't attend. They watch the cheesy video of them praising Freshco but Gemma is perturbed when Aled starts to cry. Maria admits to Carla that she and Ali have slept together again. An uneasy Ed asks James if he has a boyfriend and is told it's Danny. He's not happy with the answer and walks out of the Rovers. Seeing how guilty Gemma feels at selling their children, Chesney stalks to the front of the audience and announces that what they are seeing is "a load of rubbish".


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