Before Ed can go upstairs, James and Danny come down, saying they’ve been looking at James’s football trophies. Michael walks in and guesses what’s actually happened. Abi celebrates getting off, but Kevin thinks the police won’t easily drop the matter. Gemma insists to Chesney that Freshco reschedule as she’s not willing to forgo Aled’s appointment. Michael tells James to be honest with their father as he’s not happy being forced to deceive him. Fiz, Tyrone and Jade attend the craft workshop with the girls. Hope is excited to work with Jade, hurting Fiz’s feelings. Ali calls on Maria and she only reluctantly lets him into the flat. Fiz has to referee the girls’ work. She isn’t happy when Hope draws a family picture which doesn’t include her. Maria tells Ali to move on and forget her, insisting he leaves the flat. Sally is astounded to hear what Kevin did, telling him he’s taken leave of his senses and is acting like a lovesick teenager. Abi does herself up for a night out celebrating with Kevin, admitting to Sally that she really likes him. Sally tells her that her concern is what will happen to Jack if Kevin finds himself in trouble with the law. Jade tries to please Fiz by getting Hope to add her to the drawing. Fiz tells Jade it changes nothing between them. Celebrating in the Rovers, Abi disappointed when Kevin tells her he only did what he did because he didn’t want to let a friend down. When questioned, Danny obliquely admits to Ed that there is someone is his life but offers no further details. Kevin has to talk up Abi’s mood when she gets depressed, saying he finds an utterly reliable friend. Tara is summoned to No.5 and asked to rearrange the launch time. Totally unsympathetic, she threatens to withhold payment if they don’t cooperate with the original plan. James meets Danny in the bistro kitchen. Danny tells him he feels guilty about lying to Ed. James plans to come out to Ed tomorrow, and he wants the two of them to be a couple. DC Holden turns up with a CCTV photograph of Kevin’s car out on the road at the time when he was supposed to be with Abi. He wants to know who was driving the car. Kevin tells him he was out collecting a car part in Castlefield and Abi was with him. Holden tells the worried couple he’ll be checking up on this latest addition to their story.


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