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Ray turns up at the garage to tell Abi he's reported her to the police for torching his car. Kevin steps in when he insults her. Once Ray has gone, Kevin advises Abi to get herself an alibi. Michael sees that James is holding something back about Danny. He confesses to his brother that the two of them had a fling in London. Michael thinks he should come out to Ed. Gary pushes Maria for an answer to his proposal but she evades the matter, saying she needs more time to think on it. Abi asks Sally to provide her with her alibi. Carla advises Maria to think carefully about the proposal before she does something she later regrets. Maria avoids talking to Ali. Chesney and Gemma prepare for both Aled's hearing test and a Freshco launch promo tomorrow. Carla thinks Nina ought to get out and socialise more but hastily escapes when Sally suggests a girls' night out. Fiz confides in Evelyn that Jade wants to take Hope to a craft workshop at the community centre but she has no interest in including Ruby. Ali overhears Gary asking Ryan to look after the furniture shop while he makes a business trip to Birmingham. Fiz insists they all attend the workshop, Tyrone included. Sally is reluctant to agree to Abi's request. The police call to take her to the police station for an informal interview. Paula is appointed her solicitor. Told by her that she could face a prison sentence of three to five years, Abi refuses to admit to anything. Danny follows James into the corner shop, on the pretext of asking if Ed's left his bistro keys at No.3 as he's locked out. The two go back to the house. Abi answers "no comment" to every question from DC Holden. He has to admit he has no evidence against her. Paula is frustrated when Abi gives a weak alibi of watching television. With Ed not due back for an hour, James leads Danny upstairs. Gemma shows little interest when Tara tries to talk up the promo day and promises them the next instalment of their fees the day after. The event times clashes with the hearing test, which Gemma is determined to attend. Ed returns home and hears noises from upstairs. DC Holden tells a surprised Abi that Kevin has come forward to provide an alibi for her and she's let go.


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