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On Valentine's Day, Gary prepares Maria breakfast in bed and books her in for a manicure. Sally is less thrilled with her present from Tim - matching tattoos from Tattoo'll Do Nicely. Faye ignores the rumours about Ray and goes into work. Maria smells a rat when Ryan drops off Gary's parcel but then refuses to leave it with her. Ray appears to win Abi round with flattery. Bethany is contacted by other victims of Ray who've read her article. Beth makes Daniel and Bethany feel ashamed of themselves for getting together so soon after Sinead's death and using Sinead's dying wish for Daniel to move on as justification. Daniel tells Bethany they should stay away from each other for a while. Maria tells Gary about Ryan's strange behaviour. The agency sends Danny Tomlinson to manage the bistro temporarily. Danny is an old friend of Ed's. Carla overhears Gary tearing a strip off Ryan. Abi receives a gift hamper from Ray. Kevin is sickened that Abi can be bought off by an obvious wrong'un. A beaten-up Ike Rodgers asks Gary for £200 to pay off another loan shark. Gary gives him the amount in exchange for Ike never bothering him again. Maria sees the money changing hands and thinks Gary is back to his old tricks. Danny tells Ed that he's come out since they last saw each other. Ed is surprised but happy for his friend. Danny and James share knowing looks when they're introduced to each other in the bistro. Carla tells Maria what she saw. Maria thinks she's been played for a fool. Danny accepts an invitation to tea at No.3 from Ed. James tells Danny that his dad doesn't know he's gay yet and he wants to keep it that way. The men kiss once they're alone. Maria shares her suspicions with Ali. Daniel tells Adam he's serious about Bethany. Ali tells Maria she deserves better than Gary. He says he still loves her. Maria kisses him. Abi admits to Bethany that she's only pretending to be on Ray's side as she wants to destroy him in front of everyone. Gary prepares the flat for an intimate Valentine's Day dinner, at which he plans to propose. As he phones a tardy Maria, she's in the barbers shop having sex with Ali.


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