Cindy Watson isn't prepared to libel Ray based on Bethany's evidence and risk being sued. Abi is shocked by Alya's allegations against Ray. Alina agrees to move into the salon flat and Emma makes up a welcome hamper for her. Bethany shames Abi for not dumping Ray and accuses her of being dazzled by his wealth. Ryan hands Gary an envelope full of cash, the last of his debt collections. David absentmindedly buys a single ticket instead of a return and is fined £100 on the way home from Leeds. Meanwhile, his canine namesake bites the head off the weasel. Maria decides to give David her car so that something positive will come out of Gary being a loan shark. Gary is supportive. Evelyn plays 'shops' with Ruby while Hope is with Jade. Hope upsets her sister by calling her shop boring when she gets home. Cindy hints to Abi that the rumours about Ray are true but refuses to go after him without proof as he's one of their main advertisers. David can't bring himself to give up on Shona. Bethany writes an expose on Ray herself and publishes it online. She and Daniel find themselves kissing passionately again. David turns down Maria's offer of the car, calling it blood money. Gary leaves the keys with him anyway. Abi knows deep down that Bethany and Alya are right about Ray. Tyrone can't find the calpol for Ruby and goes to ring Jade to ask her. Fiz sends him to the Corner Shop instead. David makes a decision about Shona and tells the kids that they won't be visiting her for a while. Abi is astonished that Seb now lives with his girlfriend and his ex. Abi apologises to Alya for not backing her and Bethany and joins their cause. Gary gives Ryan money to pick up a parcel for him from the jewellers. Beth sees Daniel and Bethany kissing on the doorstep outside the flat and hits the roof. She refuses to baby-sit Bertie anymore so that he can disrespect her dead niece.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Abi is shocked to hear the allegations about Ray; and Ryan hands Gary an envelope full of cash and confirms it’s the last of his debt collections.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,603,355 viewers (10th place).
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