Daniel takes Bertie for the rest of his injections. Bethany is fired up at the thought of taking down a powerful man like Ray. Ray gets Abi to service his car. Jade takes Hope to the cinema. Tyrone is with them the whole time. Ray holds a meeting at the bistro to organise the Valentine's Day charity event. Alya assures him that she doesn't believe Bethany's allegations. Maria hands out leaflets encouraging parents to have their babies vaccinated. Abi is thrilled when Ray asks her along to the meeting. Bethany tells Alya she's building a strong case against Ray. Seb hears that Alina is looking for digs and offers her the spare room at the salon flat. David has to take the bus and two trains to the rehab facility. Alya is perturbed by what Bethany said and seeks out Yasmeen's advice. Yasmeen tells her to stay well clear of Ray but Geoff convinces her that she's blowing it out of proportion. Emma gives her blessing to Alina moving in. Cassie Ennis arrives at the bistro for the Valentine meeting. Alya mentions the appointment they had at the Drawbridge Hotel and is thrown when Cassie says she knows nothing about it. Under questioning, Ray admits that he lied to get her alone with him. He makes out that it was just a bit of fun. Alya is disgusted and resigns from the bistro. She marches over to Bethany's and they join forces, satisfied that Ray is about to get his comeuppance. David arrives in Leeds and is told by Dr Lee that Shona doesn't want to see him. Maria tells Ali about her campaign to spread measles awareness. Ali encourages her to allow herself to grieve before trying to help others. David is persuaded to respect Shona's wishes. Alya and Bethany interrupt Ray's meeting to publicly accuse him of exploiting the women who work for him. They gloat about the fact that the Gazette is about to run a story on him. Unfortunately, one of Ray's guests is the Gazette 's editor Cindy Watson, who immediately refutes this.


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  • Last appearance of Shona Platt until 25th May 2020. The cutaway shots of Shona at the rehab facility in Leeds were recorded several weeks before the rest of the episode, before Julia Goulding went on maternity leave.
  • The woman at the bus stop is uncredited, despite having several lines of dialogue.
  • TV Times synopsis: Ray tells Alya he did not have designs on her; David is devastated when he has news from the doctor; and Alina reveals she is looking for somewhere to live.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast: 6,982,331 viewers (8th place).
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