Daniel scarpers before Ray and Ingham catch him. The Platts are unharmed after the crash but the car is in a bad way. Sarah role plays as an angry customer at the interviews. Eileen and Alina have a catch-up session while they wait and Alina learns that Seb and Emma aren't engaged. Daniel and Bethany go through Ingham's files. Everything appears legit, much to their disappointment. Leanne takes Lily to the school play. David won't admit to being asleep at the wheel. Nina suggests a more eco-friendly cleaning fluid for Roy to use at the cafe. Tyrone and Fiz tell the girls they can see Jade again. Bethany notices that several women's names have been marked with asterisks - including Michelle - and wonders if they've all signed gagging orders. Eileen has a terrible interview, giving blunt responses to Sarah's complaints. Kevin tells David the car is a write-off. David can't afford a new car until the insurance comes through. He's resigned to using public transport to get to Leeds in the meantime, spending even less time at home. Max and Lily are upset as they hardly see him as it is. Alina performs far better at her interview. Bethany rings the women in the database one-by-one but they all hang up on her. One of them calls back and asks to meet Bethany. Ken calls a family meeting to announce that he's selling No.1. Peter and Tracy react badly to the news so he plays it down, making out that it's just an idea. David realises he's going to have to choose between the kids and Shona. The woman lets Bethany record their conversation. Bethany gets Daniel to summon his contact at the Gazette after hearing the woman's story. Hope's behaviour improves as she looks forward to meeting Jade. Seb is shocked to see Alina in the Rovers. Sarah gives Alina the job. Claudia demands that Ken be honest with his family as she wants to crack on with the move. Bethany plays back the recording for the reporter, in which the woman says Ray threatened her career unless she slept with him and made her sign a settlement agreement. The reporter takes the story to the Gazette 's editor. Ray warns Daniel and Bethany that he's not a man to mess with.


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