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David is run ragged going back and forth to Leeds. Lily complains that her bee costume for the school play isn't ready. Sean finds Mary firmly in charge at No.11. Ray decides to give the bistro a makeover and sets Alya up with his top designer Cassie Ennis at the Drawbridge Hotel. Bethany worries about Ray's intentions when she finds out he'll have the spare key card for Alya's suite and advises Alya to pull out. Mary produces a pie chart which shows that Sean's bathroom products take up twice as much space as hers and Eileen's combined. Eileen applies for the new position in telesales at Underworld. Alya asks Ray if she can attend the meeting without staying the night. Ray thinks her heart isn't in it and calls off the whole arrangement. Sarah offers Eileen an interview out of politeness. Eileen is surprised to find Alina up for the same job. Leanne fills Bethany in on Ray's solicitor Miles Ingham, suggesting that he could be a good lead to investigate. Paula tells Bethany where Ingham's office is. Helping out at the cafe, Nina makes up signs customers can use to indicate whether they want to be left alone or invite others to sit with them. Alya can't bear to turn down the opportunity Ray is offering and keeps her appointment at the hotel. Ray lets himself into her suite and orders them drinks. Before he can do take things further, Bethany barges inside and records the scene with her phone. Ray orders Alya to throw her out and fire her from the bistro. Christine Hillier tells Tyrone and Fiz that Jade passed the tests. They realise they'll have to allow access or Hope will never forgive them. Ray cancels the meeting with Cassie because of what happened with Bethany. Daniel and Bethany formulate a new plan. Sean finishes Lily's costume in time for the play. Daniel goes to Miles Ingham's office posing as a new client, while Bethany causes a scene at reception by arguing with the secretary. When Ingham leaves the office to sort it out, Daniel plugs a memory stick into his laptop and downloads the Ray Crosby case files. A tired David sets off for the play, with Max and Lily in the car. As he turns into Victoria Street, he starts to drift off and crashes into a skip. Ray calls at Ingham's and sees Bethany there. He quickly realises it's a set-up and heads for the office to catch her accomplice.


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