Emma turned up on Christmas Day 2006 at 11 Coronation Street with a baby girl, Chloe, which she claimed was the daughter of Jason Grimshaw. Emma left Eileen "holding the baby", and Eileen decided to keep the baby herself, rather than Social Services and other foster parents get involved. Emma did not provide the baby's name so Eileen named her Holly. Jason refused to bond with Holly, while all the other residents of No. 11 rallied round to support Eileen with the baby's upkeep.

It was after a few months that Emma returned in a confused state, revealing that she was unsure whether Jason was actually Holly's father. Emma had slept with Charlie Stubbs - who had told her that he was called Jason Grimshaw - but she had seen his picture in newspaper reports following his murder, and then realised it was Charlie who was Holly's father, not Jason.

A determined Eileen, after bonding with the baby, initially refused to give Holly back to Emma, trying to convince herself and others that Emma was an unfit mother. After a change of heart, Eileen eventually handed the baby over to Social Services in April 2007.

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