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Ellen Taylor has been a writer for Coronation Street since December 2010, contributing 134 scripts to date, including seven double episodes as sole writer and a co-writing credit on one standard-length episode and three double episodes.

Previous to her work on the programme, she was a producer on the 2003-2004 series of the Sky Television football series Dream Team and then story producer, storyliner and editor of Casualty from 2005 to 2010. In her first year on that programme, she was in sole charge of the storylines when the series won a BAFTA award. In 2010, she was producer of the film Accidental Farmer. Her father is the late Malcolm Taylor who directed forty-three episodes of Coronation Street between July 1979 and July 1987.

Episodes written by Ellen Taylor


2010 (1 episode)

2011 (15 episodes)

2012 (10 episodes)

2013 (13 episodes)

2014 (12 episodes)

2015 (12 episodes)

2016 (14 episodes)

2017 (15 episodes)

2018 (12 episodes)

2019 (11 episodes)


2020 (9 episodes)

2021 (10 episodes)