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Ella Greenhill has written 59 episodes of Coronation Street since February 2016, including four double episodes as a co-writer and one as the sole writer.

Prior to that, she was a storyliner on the programme for 30 episodes from May to July 2015 after winning a place on the "ITV Coronation Street Original Voices" scheme which included a ten week paid internship in the story department.

Her other television work is for the CBBC series The Dumping Ground. Her main work to date has been as a playwright with credits to her name including Fallen, Unspoken, A Perfect Christmas, A Deafening Silence, Plastic Figurines (which had a national tour), Beethoven’s Always Right, Nothing But Dust, Mind The Gap and Made in Britain.

Episodes storylined by Ella Greenhill

2015 (30 episodes)

Episodes written by Ella Greenhill


2016 (11 episodes)

2017 (11 episodes)

2018 (11 episodes)

2019 (7 episodes)


2020 (9 episodes)

2021 (10 episodes)