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Ella Brough was the President of the Ladies' Licensed Victuallers' Association in February 1971.

She had been asked by Newton & Ridley to open a new motel they had built near the M6 but she had to pull out of the engagement for unspecified reasons. She delegated the task of finding a replacement to her two Vice-Presidents, Annie Walker and Nellie Harvey, and although the two would never admit it to one another, they were each fiercely ambitious for the honour. They contacted the other committee members, Mrs Jennings, Etchells, Hagen and Fearnley, to offer them the task but cited downsides to it that they knew full well would deter them, such as the costs involved or having to make a speech. All naturally declined and Nellie "reluctantly" decided she would have to open the motel herself, even though Annie warned her what a strain it would put on her husband. Before Nellie could make the call Annie rang the brewery's publicity department and bagged the job for herself, much to Nellie's fury.