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Elaine Webster (née Prior) was the niece of Percy Sugden and visited him at the Community Centre flat in November 1984. A hairdresser, Elaine met Bill Webster after cutting Debbie's hair and went drinking with him at the Rovers. Along with a few other drinkers, they were booked when the police caught Billy Walker selling alcohol after hours.

Percy hoped to set Elaine up with Mike Baldwin and was disappointed when she started going out with Bill, a mere builder. They also had opposition from Kevin Webster, who saw her as a threat to the family as they'd just moved to Coronation Street that year. Bill and Elaine decided to go to London for some time alone together, and on their return Elaine found out she'd got a job as a hairdresser on a cruise ship to start in a few days. However she realised she didn't want to leave Bill and turned the job down - instead, they decided to marry. Percy gave his blessing to the union when Bill convinced him he loved Elaine, but Kevin was a harder sell, as Elaine had decided to buy a salon in Southampton and the Websters were to move there in the New Year, after the Registry Office wedding on 9th January. Kevin refused to move with the family but made it to the wedding after first deciding not to go.

In 1986, Elaine fell pregnant and a son, Carl Webster, was born in Germany, where the Websters were living by that time. The marriage lasted until 1994 when Elaine left Bill for a younger man who worked with Bill as a foreman, taking Carl with her. Bill thumped the man, getting the sack, and lived alone for a while before moving back to Weatherfield.

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