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Edwin Soames was the abusive father of Kirsty Soames and husband of Alison Soames.

Edwin was a policeman and abusive towards his wife Alison and their daughter Kirsty for many years, especially during Kirsty's childhood. When Kirsty came home late from a party aged 16, Edwin attacked her brutally, causing Kirsty to leave home. However, she later joined the police force, in compliance with her father's wishes.

In May 2012 during her birthday party, Edwin arrived with his wife at 9 Coronation Street after being invited as a surprise by Kirsty's partner and fiancé Tyrone Dobbs, who was unaware of how abusive Edwin was. Edwin was angry when discovering that Kirsty was pregnant and engaged to Tyrone, and thought of him as a loser as he worked in a backstreet garage. His anger went further after finding out Kirsty was suspended from the police force, and later left the house, angrily demanding his wife to hurry up and come with him, leaving Kirsty shaken.

A few months later, his wife left him when she had enough of his abusive behaviour and went to a refuge. She later went to stay with Kirsty and Tyrone and met their granddaughter Ruby. Edwin turned up at the doorstep, but Alison hid in the backyard while Tyrone and Kirsty demanded he left. The next day, he watched from a distance when he saw Kirsty and Tyrone walking down the street with Alison. He later snatched Ruby from the backyard and demanded Alison return home; she later complied.

Kirsty died in 2021, by which time Alison had also passed away, but Edwin was unable to be traced; the police contacted Tyrone to deliver the news in his absence.

The role of Edwin Soames was actor David Lonsdale's third role in the programme.

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