Edna Gee was the first wife of Rovers barman/cellarman Fred Gee and a worker at the Mark Brittain Warehouse from 1971 to 1975.

When Edna began work at the warehouse, she and her colleagues, including Ivy Tilsley, worked under the supervision of Elsie Howard. Edna first showed her weakness for tittle-tattle when she spread rumours to the effect that Elsie Howard was having an affair with personnel manager Dennis Maxwell, and that the two were planning to defraud the warehouse bosses. The affair was a lie, though Maxwell did intend to swindle the bosses, but Elsie refused to help. In 1972, Edna brawled with Ivy in the middle of the warehouse floor after spreading rumours that Ivy was having an affair with storeman George Harrop. Elsie again found herself in the middle of it all and was reprimanded because work was disrupted.

In September 1972, Edna accompanied a number of the Street residents on a visit to the Preston Guild.

Edna's well-known flirty side became apparent in February 1973, when she crashed Hilda Ogden's "Barbara Cartland"-style birthday party at 13 Coronation Street. Edna flirted with all of the male guests, including Stan Ogden, and later ruined the night for Hilda when she was caught locked in the bedroom with a mystery man. Hilda was hysterical as Stan was missing and decided that he was in bed with Edna. When Stan appeared back at No.13, having popped to the Rovers for some more beer, Hilda broke down in tears. It was later revealed that Billy Walker had been the mystery man, and he had Edna's knickers to prove it!

In 1975, Edna died in a fire at the warehouse, which had been started by some yobs who had broken in the night before. As Edna went into the stockroom for a quick cigarette, a wall of flames enveloped her and she died instantly. Edna was not declared dead straight away, as workmate Ivy was convinced that Edna had been seen getting on a bus. While the evacuated residents gathered at the New Old Inn, Ken Barlow had to break the news to Ivy, Gail Potter, Annie Walker, and Tricia Hopkins that Edna had died. She was identified by her engagement ring. She had celebrated her fortieth birthday in the Rovers with Fred the night before.

As well as Ivy and Elsie, her other workmates included Ken Barlow, Emily Bishop, Vera Duckworth, Gail Potter and Tricia Hopkins. She also attended Emily's wedding to Ernest Bishop on 5th April 1972.

The warehouse fire and Edna's death was intended as a celebration of Coronation Street's fifteenth anniversary in 1975. The storyline saw the introduction of Edna's husband Fred Gee, who later became a major character in the programme.

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