Edith Mary "Edie" Platt was the aunt of Mavis Riley and Ethel Platt, and the sister of Margaret Riley.

Auntie Edie was a predominantly bedridden woman, who Mavis lived with for many years, rent-free at 23 Jubilee Terrace, much to the chagrin of Ethel. In May 1977, Mavis moved out of the house and into The Kabin flat, but in July felt guilty when she learned that her aunt had suffered another "attack". After Ethel refused to do her share of the caring, Mavis was guilt-tripped into moving back in with her aunt and took time off work as both aunt and cousin ran rings round her. After telling her aunt that she may have to move into a home as she wanted to live her own life, Mavis returned to work in mid-August, however Rita Fairclough made her work until 7.00pm that evening to start making time back. At the end of her shift she returned home to find Auntie Edie had passed away.

Attending Auntie Edie's funeral and subsequent wake in the Rovers, Mavis's close friends were horrified at the way Ethel put both Mavis and her boyfriend Derek Wilton down. At the will-reading, Ethel was furious to discover that she'd been left two pot dogs while the house was left to Mavis and threatened to contest the will, however solicitor Mr Lewis advised that the house had been sold to a finance company and wasn't hers. Mavis was given notice by the bank in September and moved back into The Kabin flat.

Rita Fairclough addressed Auntie Edie as "Mrs Kenyon" during a telephone conversation in Episode 1704, however Mr Lewis the solicitor who read the last will and testament in Episode 1733, cited the character's full name as "Edith Mary Platt".

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